What is the impact of the 5G era on the development of multilayer pcb board?

5G technology has been a topic of close attention since its birth. Since the beginning of 20 years, 5G is a big hit, and the era of Internet of Everything is coming, which is undoubtedly a new opportunity for all industries, especially for the electronics industry, which is a crucial development opportunity.

5G development promotes the construction of large-scale data centers, which means that a large number of high-end PCB communication boards will be required to support the huge traffic carried by the data center servers, so the requirements for the number of layers and materials for PCB multilayer circuit boards will be increasingly high. Undoubtedly, the development of 5G drives PCB multilayer boards to high precision and more complex direction.

PCB multilayer board is a general term for circuit boards with more than two layers, consisting of several layers of connecting wires on an insulated substrate and pads used for assembly and welding of electronic components, which have the function of both conducting the lines of each layer and insulating each other. They are much more difficult to process than single and double-sided panels, with higher requirements for quality and reliability, and are mainly used in communication equipment, high-end servers, medical electronics, aviation, industrial control, military and other fields.

The impact of 5G on PCB multilayer boards from different perspectives are:

1. From the point of view of the construction of a single base station, due to the 5G has a high frequency and high speed characteristics, the value of communication circuit boards will have a great increase in the amount of multilayer boards to enhance the added value.

2. From the perspective of the number of 5G base stations, the number of 5G base stations will be much more than the number of 4G base stations, especially in the blind spot area covering a certain number of micro-base stations, the demand for circuit boards to be more.

3. From the point of view of 5G technology, 5G channel increase, single PCB multilayer board area and layer requirements will be higher, the performance requirements of the board will also become higher, the production cost increases.

So there are so many multilayer board manufacturers, how exactly do you pick the ideal one? Take a look at PEAK multilayer board advantages:

1. support customized four-layer board, six-layer board, eight-layer board;

2. default kingboard military board;

3. can specify the laminated structure to meet the customization requirements;

4. Inner layer impedance control support range 45Ω-110Ω. 5;

5. Diameter-to-thickness ratio of 1:10;

6. Minimum line width of 3 mil;

7. support AOI flying probe full measurement

Under the current trend of cloud computing and 5G high-speed development, multilayer boards will continue to maintain the primary market position in the electronics industry chain, and continue to develop in the direction of high precision and high degree of difficulty.

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