Good News!

The PEAK PCB “Kingboard Sheet” will be upgraded critically!

Same price, better quality!

Customers can enjoy higher performance at the same price!

This is the service attitude of PEAK!

Why pcb material upgrades?

With the ever-increasing environmental protection requirements, most of the circuit board patches are also using lead-free soldering process. The traditional Dicy curing material (KB-6160), because of its thermal decomposition temperature is too low (Td 300 ℃), when undergoing lead-free reflow soldering is very easy to produce bursting board, resin shrinkage and other abnormalities.

At the same time, as the functions of electronic products continue to improve, PCB wiring density is also getting higher and higher, the spacing between holes is getting smaller and smaller, the traditional Dicy curing material hygroscopicity is large, does not have the function of Anti-CAF, in the dense hole area is prone to produce insulation failure problems.

For demanding multilayer boards, PCB customers need to use TG150 (e.g. KB-6165F) material, but the price is about 15%-20% higher than KB-6160, which has a greater cost impact.

On the other hand, Kingboard KB-6164 material has low CTE, good heat resistance, adaptable to Pb-free process, AntiCAF function, and wide pressing window. It can make up for the shortcomings of KB-6160 material and save the cost for customers at the same time.

Summary Description

  • KB-6164 is a cost-effective material with Tg140 that can be adapted to lead-free soldering;
  • KB-6164 has better heat resistance, CTE and CAF properties than KB-6160;
  • KB-6164 has a wider lamination processing window, which improves alignment accuracy and thickness uniformity in multilayer lamination;
  • KB-6164 has inorganic fillers, and the resin density is slightly higher than KB-6160, so it is necessary to increase the resin content by 1-2% when selecting the matching semi-cured sheet.
  • KB-6164 and KB-6160 belong to Family materials in UL Yellow Card, customers who have certified KB-6160 can use KB-6164 directly without re-doing UL certification.

To summarize: KB-6164 perfectly covers the original TG-free and TG130 requirements, and at the same time need to go through the lead-free process.

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