PCB Capability

Manufacturing MaterialsCapability
Material BrandKB,TUC,EMC,MGC,ITEQ,SYTECH,Rogers,Arlon,Nanya,Isola,Nelco,Taconic,Panasonic,Ventec,Dupond,Taiflex,etc.


Tg135: KB6160, S1141, TU662
Tg150: KB6165, S1000H, IT158
Tg170: KB6167, S1000-2M, IT180A, TU768

Halogen Free FR4

Tg150: S1150G
Tg170: S1170G, TU862HF
High CTI(CTI≥600)KB-6160C, S1600L, S1151G(Halogen Free)
Ceramic Filling High Frequency MaterialRogers 4003C/4350B, Arlon25N, S7136H, WL-CT350
PTFE High Frequency MaterialRogers Series, Arlon Series, Taconic Series, F4BM Series, Teflon,etc.
High Speed MaterialTU-872SLK/SLK-SP, TU883/933, Panasonic Megtron4/Megtron6/Megtron7, Isola FR408HR
Rigid PI MaterialArlon 85N, VT901
Metal Base BoardBergquist Al base, Chinese Brand Al base, Copper base
BT Materials For Chip-LEDCCL-HL820WDI, SY-WLM1
BT Materials for IC Plastic PackageCCL-HL832NS, CCL-HL832NSR, CCL-HL832NSF, GHPL-830SR, CCL-HL972LFG, SI10US
Material Mixed Laminate4 layers – 48 layers (FR4 + High Frequency/Speed Material, FR4 + Metal Base, FR4 + FPC)

Special PP

NFPP: Arlon 49N, VT47
Ceramic Filling PP: Rogers 4450F
PTFE PP: Arlon 6700, Taconic FR-27
NoteOther special materials can be processed and produced by means of customer supply or purchasing.
IC Space(Green Color)443
IC Space(Other Color)554 (blue oil)
Liquid Photoimageable(LPI)Solder Mask Registration3mil2mil1.5mil
Thickness T>1.0 mm±10%±8%±5%
Tolerance T≤1.0 mm±0.1±0.1±0.05
Board Thickness (mm)0.5-5.00.25-6.50.1-10
Hole Aspect Ratio10:112:120:1
Via Size For Plug Solder Mask0.25-0.50.20-0.50.15-0.6
Via Size For Plug Resin And Capped Copper0.25-0.50.20-0.50.075-0.6
Panel Size (mm)457×609457×609609×1200
Bow And Twist≤0.75%≤0.75%≤0.5%
ItemBasic copper thicknessLine Width/Space

Minimum Inner Line Width Distance

1/3 OZ2/2
0.5 OZ2.5/2.5
1.0 OZ3/3
2.0 OZ5/5
3.0 OZ7/7
4.0 OZ9/9
5.0 OZ10/16
6.0 OZ10/10.5
10 OZ18/20
12 OZ22/24

Hole to Line Spacing

4 layers≥3mil(1 core)
6 layers≥5mil(2 core)
8 layers≥7mil(3 core)
10 layers and above≥7mil
Line Width/Space AccuracyNon-impedance plate ±20%; Impedance plate ±10%
Alignment Accuracy±25um(CCD)
ItemBasic copper thicknessLine Width/Space

Minimum Outer Line (mil)

1/3 OZ2.5/2.5
0.5 OZ2.8/2.8
1.0 OZ3/3
2.0 OZ5/5.5
3.0 OZ6/7.5
4.0 OZ14/12
5.0 OZ18/17
6.0 OZ13/11
10 OZ16/26
12 OZ24/32

The Minimum Line Width Of The Outer Etched Word

Base Copper H OZ; 8mil
Base Copper 1 OZ; 10mil
Base Copper 2 OZ; 12mil
Line Width/Space AccuracyNon-impedance plate ±20%; Impedance plate ±10%
Alignment Accuracy≤24um(LDI)
ItemMass ProductionPrototyping

Through Hole

Hole Diameter (max)6.5mm, thickness <6.4mmGreater than 6.5mm (hole expansion process)
Hole Diameter (min)0.15mm,thickness<1.0mm0.15mm, thickness<1.6mm
Hole ToleranceNPTH±0.05mm, PTH hole±0.075mm, crimping hole±0.05mm
Hole Tolerance±0.05mm
Thickness Ratio8:120:1
Minimum Hole SpacingThe same grid > 8mil
Non-same grid ≥ 12mil
The same grid ≥ 6mil
Non-same grid ≥ 10mil

Deep Hole Control

Minimum Depth Control Hole Diameter0.155mm
Depth Control Accuracy0.1mm0.05mm
Hole Depth Thickness Diameter Ratio≤0.6:1≤0.8:1
Control Depth Groove Depth Tolerance±0.15mm±0.1mm

Stepped Hole

Step Hole Diameter Tolerance0.1mm0.05mm
Step Hole Depth Tolerance0.2mm0.1mm

Laser Hole

Laser Hole Copper≥10um
Hole Diameter Range0.1mm-0.15mm0.076mm-0.15mm
Laser Blind Hole Thickness To Diameter Ratio≤0.6:1≤0.8:1
Outer Line Width And Line Spacing3.5/4mil3.5/3.5mil
Inner Line Width And Line Spacing3.0/3.5mil3.0/3.3mil
Laser Blind Hole Medium Thickness2.5-4mil2.5-5mil

Back Drilling

Depth Tolerance±0.1mm
Position Tolerance±0.1mm
Hole To Outer Line Distance≥0.15mm≥0.125mm
Hole To Inner Line Distance≥0.175mm≥0.15mm

Countersunk Hole

Countersunk Drill Diameter

The 45° countersunk bit has a diameter of 4.5mm
60°, 82°, 90° countersunk bit diameter is 6.35mm
100° countersunk bit diameter is 6.5mm
Outer Aperture Accuracy±0.2mm
PTH Countersunk Ring Width8mil
PTH Countersunk Hole Distance Line12mil

Conical Hole

Opening Tolerance±0.2mm
Aperture Angle45°、60°、90°
SlotMinimum Slot0.5mm
ItemMass ProductionPrototyping


Jumping Knife Distance≥8 mm
Board Thickness0.4 mm-3.0mm
Thickness Accuracy±0.1 mm±0.05 mm

Gong Board

Minimum Gong Cutter Diameter0.6 mm
Control Deep Gong Plate Thickness≥0.4 mm
Depth Tolerance Of Deep Gong Plate±0.15 mm±0.1 mm
Tolerance Of Deep Gong Plate Size±0.13 mm


The Outer Layer Of The Top Of The Gold Finger Is CopperBevel depth +0.2 mm
The Inner Layer Of The Top Of The Gold Finger Is CopperBevel depth +0.4 mm
Angle (tolerance ±5°)20°, 30°, 45°, hypotenuse angle is usually 30°


Nickel Thickness (um)2.0-5.03.0-5.03.8-7.62
Gold Thickness(uinch)1.0-2.02.0-3.03.0-5.0

Hard Gold (Au Thickness)

Normal Golden Finger(um)
Selective Hard Gold (um)


Nickel Thickness (um)2.0-5.0
Palladium Thickness(uinch)4.0-20.0
Gold Thickness(uinch)1.0-5.0

Plating Gold

Nickel Thickness (um)2.0-7.62
Gold Thickness(uinch)1.0-5.0
Immersion TinTin Thickness (um)0.8-1.2
Immersion SilverSliver Thickness (um)0.15-0.4
OSP (um)0.2-0.6
Tin Lead HASL (um)2.0-40.0
Lead Free HASL (um)2.0-40.0
Note:Tin Lead /LF HASL panel size should less than ≤500×600 mm,thickness≥0.6 mm;Hard Gold panel size≤400×500 mm,the other surface treatment panel size less than 500×900 mm
Back DrillingYESYESYES
Heavy Copper PCB with Blind/Burried ViaYESYESYES
N + N StructureYESYESYES
Long-Short Gold FingerYESYESYES
Buried Capacitance/ResistanceYESYESYES
Plated Half Holes/Edge PlatingYESYESYES
Soft Bondable GoldYESYESYES
Embedded Daughter BoardYESYESYES
Embedded Magnetic CoresYESYESYES
Step Gold FingerYESYESYES
Graph In Bottom Of StepYESYESYES
Sweat SolderingYESYESYES
Embedded Coin/CeramicYESYESYES
High Depth Laser HoleYESYESYES
Double Side Press Fit HoleYESYESYES
Hybrid Material Lamination(Local Hybrid)YESYESYES
1-2L Lead-timeSample Expedited 8 hours, Normal 2-3 days, Mass production 5-7days
4-8L Lead-timeSample Expedited 24 hours , Normal 5-7days, Mass production 7-10 days
10-18L Lead-timeSample Expedited 48-72 hours, Normal 10-15 days,Special circumstances based on the actual PCB design
More than 20L Lead-timeNormal 10-15 days ,Special circumstances based on the actual PCB design
Acceptable File FormatALL Gerber Files、POWERPCB、PROTEL、PADS2000、CAD、AUTOCAD、ORCAD、P-CAD、CAM-350、CAM2000 etc.

Who is PEAK?

Founded in 2007, PEAK Co.,Ltd is an electronic solutions company offering 1-64 layers PCB fabrication, assembly, testing & validation of rigid, rigid-flex, HDI, high frequency, high speed, metal core, IC substrate, substrate-like and other special PCB. Our modern 54,000 square foot manufacturing facility allows us to provide all rigid & rigid-flex services under one roof and offer quick-turn capabilities.PEAK has a professional reputation for developing high-performance solutions for technically advanced OEM’s in a variety of markets including aerospace and defense, medical, computer, communication, server, semiconductor IC, automotives, industrial control, optoelectronics, LED and others.

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Ability to Handle Complex Jobs

All Rigid & Rigid-Flex Services Under One Roof

Regular PCB

Regular PCB

Up to 64 Layers; FR4 TG135/TG150/TG170; Halogen Free/CTI≥600; Aspect Ratio (Finish Hole) 28:1; Sample Expedited 8 Hours(1-2Layer);

Metal Core PCB

Metal Core PCB

Thermal Conductivity 1-398W/m.K; Aluminum/Copper AC 500-4000V; Post-bonding/Pre-bonding; Sweat-Soldering/Conductive Adhesive; Press-Fit/Embedded Coin(I, T U);



Blind/Buried/Hybrid Via; 5+N(N+M)+5 Structure; Trace Width/Spacing 1.6/1.6mil; Laser Hole Size(mm)≥0.075; High Density Interconnector;

Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB

2-24 Layers; Book/Air-gap/Fly-tail; Unsymmetrical/Semi-Flex; Width of Flexible Zone 3mm(min); Dimension Accuracy ±0.05mm(min);

High Frequency PCB

High Frequency PCB

More than 85+ Types; Rogers/Arlon/Taconic/Isola/ Nelco/F4B Serices,etc; Materials can be Specified; Impedance Tolerance ±5%(min);

IC Substrate&Substrate-Like PCB

Substrate PCB

CSP/FC-CSP/SIP/FC-BGA/WB-CSP; FR4/BT/High-Speed Material; Trace Width/Space 12/12μm; SM Registration:±20μm; Strict SM Flatness Control ≤5μm;

High Speed PCB

High Speed PCB

Panasonic Megtron4/6/7; TU-872SLK/Isola-FR408HR,etc; Impedance Tolerance ±5%(min); Dimension Accuracy ±0.02mm(min); Line Width/Space Accuracy ±5%;

Specialty PCB

Specialty PCB

Ceramic/Glass Material; Hybrid Material Lamination; Buried Capacitance/Resistance; PTH/NPTH Step Slots; Uneven/Segmented/Step Gold Finger;

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