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Green Culture

As a company with 16 years of experience in circuit board production, we understand the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development for our company. We always adhere to the people-oriented approach and focus on the health and safety of our staff, while actively responding to the national call to continuously improve our corporate social responsibility system and make contributions to society.

In the production process, we take a series of environmental protection measures to reduce the emission of waste gas, waste water and waste residue, and ensure that the treatment of pollutants meets the national emission standards. We increase investment in environmental protection facilities to ensure that pollutants are effectively treated. In addition, we continue to explore more environmentally friendly production processes for circuit boards by increasing our investment in environmental research and development to achieve green production.

In terms of corporate management, we put people first and focus on the health and safety of our employees. We take a series of measures to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for our employees and to avoid occupational diseases and accidents. At the same time, we also actively respond to the call of the state, continuously improve our corporate social responsibility system, actively participate in social welfare and make contributions to society.

Taking the road of sustainable development is the core of our corporate green culture. We strive to achieve sustainable development of our enterprise from multiple perspectives, such as enterprise management, technological innovation and product design. We improve the management efficiency and level of the enterprise by optimizing the enterprise management system, and reduce the resource consumption and environmental pollution of the enterprise. At the same time, we also actively explore green ways of technological innovation and product design to provide customers with more environmentally friendly products and services.

Corporate green culture not only contributes to environmental protection and sustainable development, but also brings economic benefits and social reputation to the enterprise. Therefore, we keep exploring and innovating in practice to integrate green culture into the development strategy and daily operation of the enterprise. Meanwhile, the government, enterprises and the whole society should work together to promote the popularization and development of corporate green culture and contribute to the goal of sustainable development.

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Who is PEAK?

Founded in 2007, PEAK Co.,Ltd is an electronic solutions company offering 1-64 layers PCB fabrication, assembly, testing & validation of rigid, rigid-flex, HDI, high frequency, high speed, metal core, IC substrate, substrate-like and other special PCB. Our modern 54,000 square foot manufacturing facility allows us to provide all rigid & rigid-flex services under one roof and offer quick-turn capabilities. PEAK has a professional reputation for developing high-performance solutions for technically advanced OEM’s in a variety of markets including aerospace and defense, medical, computer, communication, server, semiconductor IC, automotives, industrial control, optoelectronics, LED and others.

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Ability to Handle Complex Jobs

All Rigid & Rigid-Flex Services Under One Roof

Regular PCB

Regular PCB

Up to 64 Layers; FR4 TG135/TG150/TG170; Halogen Free/CTI≥600; Aspect Ratio (Finish Hole) 28:1; Sample Expedited 8 Hours(1-2Layer);

Metal Core PCB

Metal Core PCB

Thermal Conductivity 1-398W/m.K; Aluminum/Copper AC 500-4000V; Post-bonding/Pre-bonding; Sweat-Soldering/Conductive Adhesive; Press-Fit/Embedded Coin(I, T U);



Blind/Buried/Hybrid Via; 5+N(N+M)+5 Structure; Trace Width/Spacing 1.6/1.6mil; Laser Hole Size(mm)≥0.075; High Density Interconnector;

Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB

2-24 Layers; Book/Air-gap/Fly-tail; Unsymmetrical/Semi-Flex; Width of Flexible Zone 3mm(min); Dimension Accuracy ±0.05mm(min);

High Frequency PCB

High Frequency PCB

More than 85+ Types; Rogers/Arlon/Taconic/Isola/ Nelco/F4B Serices,etc; Materials can be Specified; Impedance Tolerance ±5%(min);

IC Substrate&Substrate-Like PCB

Substrate PCB

CSP/FC-CSP/SIP/FC-BGA/WB-CSP; FR4/BT/High-Speed Material; Trace Width/Space 12/12μm; SM Registration:±20μm; Strict SM Flatness Control ≤5μm;

High Speed PCB

High Speed PCB

Panasonic Megtron4/6/7; TU-872SLK/Isola-FR408HR,etc; Impedance Tolerance ±5%(min); Dimension Accuracy ±0.02mm(min); Line Width/Space Accuracy ±5%;

Specialty PCB

Specialty PCB

Ceramic/Glass Material; Hybrid Material Lamination; Buried Capacitance/Resistance; PTH/NPTH Step Slots; Uneven/Segmented/Step Gold Finger;

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PCB fabrication in as little as 8 hours

Our modern 54,000 square foot manufacturing facility allows us to provide all rigid & rigid-flex services under one roof and offer quick-turn capabilities.