DigiKey PCB Services – Streamlining Your PCB Prototype and Assembly Process

Digi-Key Electronics is a globally trusted distributor of electronic components and provides an array of products and services tailored to the needs of engineers, designers, hobbyists, hobbyists and more. One such offering by Digi-Key is PCB services which provide convenience and efficiency in PCB prototype and assembly processes. In this article we’ll take a deeper dive into these services by Digi-Key as they may assist with simplifying PCB projects.

DigiKey PCB Service Offerings:

  1. PCB Fabrication: Digi-Key offers PCB fabrication services, providing high-quality custom PCBs at competitive rates. Their user-friendly web interface enables upload of your PCB design files and selection of desired specifications such as board thickness, copper weight and surface finish in order to receive a quote; once approved they fabricate them according to your instructions before shipping directly to you doorstep.
  2. DigiKey PCB assembly services round off its fabrication services for complete PCB projects. Once fabricated, after having your components assembled onto the board with surface mount technology (SMT) or through-hole assembly options available depending on your design requirements.
  3. Digi-Key’s strength lies in their extensive inventory of electronic components from multiple manufacturers, and when using their PCB services you have access to them directly for component sourcing. This integrated approach makes procurement much simpler while assuring you of genuine components for use in PCB assembly projects.

Digi-Key provides an array of design tools and support resources to assist with PCB design, including:

  1. Scheme-it: Digi-Key’s Scheme-it is an online schematic and block diagramming tool, providing users with quick and easy ways to quickly generate circuit diagrams that help visualize design concepts before moving forward with PCB layout.
  2. DigiKey PCB Builder: DigiKey PCB Builder is an intuitive design tool for efficiently creating PCB layouts. Featuring components placement, trace routing and design rule checks to assist in optimizing PCB layouts efficiently, this design tool helps create optimized designs efficiently.

DigiKey PCB services also provide value-added options to further your PCB project, including:

  1. Digi-Key’s Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Review can assist in identifying any manufacturing issues and optimizing your design to make production simpler and smoother. By conducting a DFM review, their team evaluates your PCB design for potential manufacturing issues that may arise during manufacture, helping identify any flaws and increase manufacturability.
  2. Panelization: Digi-Key can assist with panelizing PCBs as part of its fabrication service to optimize fabrication costs while streamlining assembly procedures. This service helps optimize fabrication, reduce manufacturing expenses and streamline assembly procedures for maximum productivity.
  3. Digi-Key strives to meet your customized and special requirements for each project. If yours includes specific board shapes, additional testing or assembly techniques that differ from what Digi-Key typically offers, they are willing to adapt their services specifically to suit them.

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DigiKey PCB services provide an efficient and reliable solution to meet the prototyping and assembly needs of PCB prototypes. Their fabrication capabilities, component sourcing from their vast inventory, design tools and value added services streamline the development process for you. Whether it is custom fabrication, component assembly or additional support – DigiKey PCB experience and resources can bring your projects to fruition faster! Utilize their services today to streamline and speed up your journey toward PCB design and assembly success!


  1. What is Digikey PCB?
    DigiKey PCB is primarily a distributor of electronic components. However, they also offer a tool known as Scheme-it which is an online schematic and diagramming tool that allows users to sketch out designs and circuit diagrams. DigiKey PCB does not directly offer PCB manufacturing services.
  2. How to use Digikey’s scheme-it for PCB design?
    You can use the Scheme-it tool to work on your high-level design and basically map out where your components will be placed, their relationships, etc. You can then export this design into a bill of materials (BOM) which can be used when purchasing the components from Digikey or elsewhere.
  3. Can I order PCBs from Digikey?
    While Digikey itself is not a PCB manufacturer, they do partner with certain services to offer comprehensive solutions for electronics manufacturing. These include PCB assembly, system assembly, and companion products.
  4. Can Digikey help in selecting the components for my PCB?
    Yes, Digikey PCB has a wide range of electronic components available and data sheets can be found on their website for more detailed component information. Filter options are also available to help you find just what you need.
  5. How good is Digikey’s customer support for PCB related queries?
    Digikey’s customer support is generally very responsive and helpful. They can offer guidance on component selection, use of their Scheme-it tool, and general electronics knowledge.
  6. Can I export Kicad design to Digikey for ordering components?
    Yes, you can export your BOM from Kicad and upload it to Digikey PCB for ordering components. Just make sure the BOM is properly formatted according to Digikey’s template.
  7. How fast is Digikey’s processing and shipping for electronic components?
    Digikey is renowned for its fast processing and shipping times. In many cases, orders placed before a certain cutoff time can be shipped on the same day.
  8. Does Digikey offer bulk discounts for PCB components?
    Yes, Digikey does offer bulk discounts. The exact pricing tiers can be found on their website for each individual component.
  9. How reliable are components ordered from Digikey?
    Digikey is a well-known and trusted distributor of electronic components, ensuring that components ordered through them are reliable and sourced directly from the manufacturers.
  10. Does Digikey allow returns for PCB components?
    If you ordered the wrong product, or the product is defective, Digikey does have a return policy. However, it’s advisable to read through their specific terms and conditions for more information.
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