What are the properties of high TG circuit boards? And what are the functions?

High TG circuit boards have some outstanding properties that allow them to perform superiorly in high temperature applications. The following is a detailed description of these characteristics:

  1. High Heat Resistance: One of the remarkable properties of High TG circuit boards is their high heat resistance. At high temperatures, this board is able to maintain the stability of its structure and mechanical strength, thus ensuring the reliability and stability of the circuit.
  2. Good Thermal Conductivity: High TG circuit boards have good thermal conductivity, which effectively disperses and conducts heat. This helps to reduce the concentration of heat on the board, thus improving the thermal efficiency of the whole system.
  3. Excellent electrical performance: Despite operating at high temperatures, the High TG circuit board maintains excellent electrical performance. Its dielectric constant and electrical strength do not change much at high temperatures, which ensures signal transmission and normal operation of the power system.
  4. Good chemical stability: High TG circuit boards have high corrosion resistance to various chemicals in high temperature environments, enabling them to maintain long-term reliability and stability even in harsh environments.
  5. Excellent high-frequency performance: High TG circuit boards have low dielectric loss and small inductance, which makes them show good performance in high-frequency environments. This makes it widely used in high-speed electronic equipment and high-frequency signal transmission systems.
  6. Good processing performance: high TG circuit boards have good processing performance, and can carry out conventional line production and processing operations. This greatly simplifies the production process and improves production efficiency.

In short, these characteristics of high TG circuit board circuit boards make them ideal for high-temperature applications, providing a stable and reliable circuit guarantee for various electronic devices.

The role of high TG circuit board

High TG circuit board is a kind of circuit board with high thermal stability, its tg value is higher, can maintain better electrical performance and structural stability in high temperature environment. High TG circuit boards are widely used in high temperature, high speed, high frequency and other harsh environments in electronic equipment, such as military, aerospace, industrial control and other fields.

The role of high TG circuit boards is mainly in the following aspects:

  1. Provide reliable electrical connections: high TG circuit boards can maintain excellent electrical performance in high temperature environments, providing stable and reliable electrical connections to ensure the normal operation of electronic equipment.
  2. Support circuit structure: high TG circuit board has high thermal stability and mechanical strength, can support the circuit structure in high temperature environment, to ensure the stability and reliability of the circuit.
  3. Protect electronic components: High TG circuit boards can protect electronic components from high temperature, high speed, high frequency and other harsh environments to extend the service life of electronic equipment.
  4. Improve equipment performance: high TG circuit board can maintain good electrical and mechanical properties in a high-temperature environment, improve the performance and reliability of electronic equipment to meet the high temperature, high speed, high-frequency and other harsh environments, the use of requirements.

In short, high TG circuit boards play an important role in high temperature, high speed, high frequency and other harsh environments in the electronic equipment, can provide reliable electrical connections, support the circuit structure, protect the electronic components and improve equipment performance.

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