Copper half-hole PCB is a special kind of PCB board, which is characterized by plating on one side of the board to form a layer of copper, and then half-hole processing where needed, i.e., drilling holes on one side of the board but not through the whole board. This type of PCB board has the following advantages:

Stable and reliable

Copper half-hole PCB are made of high-quality copper, which gives them excellent electrical conductivity and superior corrosion resistance. Whether at high frequencies or high temperatures, it can operate stably and ensure the reliability of the circuit.


Copper half-hole PCB can not only be applied to a variety of conventional electronic equipment, but also to meet more special needs. Whether it is medical equipment, communication equipment or industrial control equipment, copper half-hole PCB can easily cope with it and play excellent performance.

High Density Wiring

The design features of copper half-hole PCB make them suitable for high-density wiring, enabling smaller circuit boards. This not only saves space, but also improves the overall performance of the board, making it more efficient and stable.

Easy to Manufacture

The copper half-hole PCB utilizes an advanced manufacturing process that makes it easy and fast to produce. It also has good soldering performance, making the soldering process easier and reducing unnecessary hassles.

Widely used

Copper half-hole PCB have a wide range of applications in various fields, whether it is consumer electronics, automotive electronics or aerospace, it can play an important role. Both ordinary users and professional engineers can benefit from it.

As an emerging circuit board material, copper half-hole PCB has become a bright pearl in the field of electronics due to its stability and reliability, flexibility, high-density wiring, ease of manufacturing and wide range of applications. If you want to build stable and high-performance circuits, copper half-hole PCB is definitely your choice!

What are the application areas of copper half-hole PCB?

Copper half-hole PCB are a special type of PCB characterized by a copper layer on one side of the PCB and a half-hole connecting the conductive circuits on the other side. This type of PCB has a wide range of applications in certain specific areas, which are described in detail below.

First of all, there are copper half-hole PCB in the field of communication has an important application. In communications equipment, high frequency, high speed and high current signal transmission requires high quality PCB to realize. Due to its good high-frequency performance and low-loss characteristics, copper half-hole PCB is widely used in communication boards, microwave boards, high-frequency head boards and other communication fields.

Secondly, in the field of automotive electronics, copper half-hole PCB are also widely used. Automotive electronic equipment needs to meet the requirements of high reliability, high durability and high safety, and copper half-hole PCB’s high reliability and excellent electrical performance to meet these requirements. In automotive electronic equipment, copper half-hole PCB are widely used in automotive control boards, automotive sensors, automotive entertainment systems and other parts.

In addition, in the military and aerospace fields, copper half-hole PCB also have a wide range of application prospects. As military and aviation equipment needs to meet the requirements of high reliability, high confidentiality and high durability, ordinary PCB often can not meet its requirements. The copper half-hole PCB has excellent electrical properties and high reliability, and is widely used in avionics, military computers, missile control boards and other military and aviation fields.

Copper half-hole PCB are widely used in communication, automotive electronics, military and aviation fields, demonstrating their superior performance and wide application prospects. With the continuous development of science and technology, there are many possible improvements and expansions of copper half-hole PCB in the future, which will be applied in more fields.

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