World Environment Day|Harmonious coexistence of man and nature, PEAK in action

Environmental protection has always been a common concern of mankind, June 5 this year is the 50th World Environment Day, the theme of “Harmony between man and nature”, aimed at reminding everyone to respect nature, adapt to nature, protect nature, and build a beautiful home in harmony with nature. Protecting the natural environment is a matter of national importance, but also a matter of corporate importance, only to maintain respect for nature and care for the environment, the enterprise can develop in the long term.

The rapid development of China’s electronics industry has driven the country’s progress, but it has also brought more pollution problems. When it comes to electronic pollution, PCB board factories are always brought up for discussion. Currently on the market PCB prototype factory mixed, some low-end fast board factory does not have the ability to deal with pollutants, random emission of waste gas and waste water, causing great harm to the environment. But there are also some high-quality enterprises, pollutant treatment is very strict, PEAK is such an enterprise, actively respond to the call of the state, pay attention to environmental protection issues, in the product itself and environmental protection are striving to do no harm, no pollution.

So what pollutants will be produced by the much-anticipated PCB factory, what are the hazards to the environment? Come with the editor to understand it.

1. exhaust pollutants

PCB production process basically includes the following procedures: opening, drilling, X-Ray testing, copper sinking, electroplating, pressure film, exposure, etching, solder resist, engraved characters, surface treatment, gong edge, the production process up to more than ten steps. In the manufacturing process, naturally easy to produce some pollution, including the exhaust gas, such as the dust generated in the process of material (copper and resin dust), in the baking and drying process of ink emissions (toluene, xylene), in the baking and drying process of organic emissions (toluene, xylene), in the alkaline etching process of alkaline emissions (sulfuric acid mist, ammonia), etc., these exhaust gases, if emitted without treatment, will cause great pollution to the ecological environment. If these emissions are discharged without treatment, they will cause great pollution to the ecological environment.

2. Waste liquid pollutants

In addition to exhaust pollution, wastewater is also the main pollutants PCB prototype factory, PCB wastewater is divided into cleaning wastewater, ink wastewater, complex wastewater, concentrated acid wastewater, concentrated alkali wastewater, etc., pollutants are many kinds of complex, untreated wastewater discharged on the ecological environment is very serious pollution, the wastewater is reasonably divided into quality treatment to ensure that the wastewater treatment to meet the standards of the key.

The rapid development of the electronics industry on the country’s role in promoting undoubtedly, but the harm caused by the environment can not be avoided, enterprises should face positively, and actively look for ways to solve the problem, minimize pollution. PEAK as a model of domestic PCB prototype factory, in the environmental protection and what contribution has been made?

3. Hazard-free products, access to SGS double qualification certificates

Product quality has always been PEAK pursuit of the goal, to provide users with cost-effective, high-quality PCB board is PEAK based on the market’s fundamental, while the product whether the safety is also a PEAK has been concerned about the issue. Currently PEAK three surface treatment lead-free tin spray, immersion gold, OSP has obtained the world-renowned third-party testing and certification organizations SGS ROHS and REACH certification, the two certificates show that the PEAK PCB in line with the European Union for some of the heavy metals and chemical content standards, enough to prove that the PEAK the safety of the product and non-hazardous.

4. Scientific treatment of pollutants, to solve the pollution from the source

Some bad PCB manufacturers in the treatment of pollutants using quartz, Teflon and other heating tube heating, constant temperature, so that not only high energy consumption, and security is extremely poor. Unlike the low-end fast board factory, PEAK and equipment companies jointly designed the hot water circulation system for heating, constant temperature, low energy consumption and high security. At the same time, PEAK factory with environmental protection configurations, such as acid and alkaline waste gas tower, electric cabinet, air compressor, organic waste gas tower, etc., and strive to eliminate pollution from the source.

It is worth mentioning that the PEAK is working with equipment companies to develop the use of microfiltration ion membrane cartridge cycle processing system, and in the cycle of cylinder configuration of intelligent monitoring equipment, in reducing energy consumption, the amount of hazardous waste and annual maintenance can be realized on the basis of linear cost reduction, synchronization to achieve the automatic monitoring of online production, and collect data for analysis and management.

Attention to environmental protection, PEAK has been in action. PEAK in the future will also actively take a variety of environmental protection measures, such as accelerating the renewal of environmental protection facilities iteration, etc., to minimize environmental pollution, and strive to solve the problem from the source.

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