The higher the number of layers in a PCB multilayer board, the better the performance?

PCB, can be seen as a miniature carrying platform, is an important carrier of integrated circuits.PCB multilayer board, the emergence of limited space to accommodate as many as possible more complex circuits, in addition, but also to a certain extent, to simplify the layout of the circuitry on the PCB difficult. Many friends think: the more PCB layers, the better the performance, is this true?

Currently on the market the most common multilayer board is four or six layer board, the higher the precision of the product, the higher the number of layers for the PCB requirements, such as aerospace equipment, PCB layers up to several hundred layers is not surprising.

The more layers of PCB, wiring difficulty index has also increased, so the production cost is relatively high. But this does not mean that the performance of the high number of PCB than the low number of PCB, the high number of PCB just to make the electronic circuit to obtain a larger wiring space, to ensure that the wiring of the smallest place can also have the optimal layout. PCB layers, the higher the electromagnetic interference between the layers of the lower, thereby reducing the interference between the signals, so that the service life of the PCB is prolonged.

PCB performance can not be equated with the number of layers, a simple four or six-layer PCB, there are also excellent performance. In fact, the number of PCB layers is only a mandatory requirement for PCB design, and not as a standard for judging the good and bad PCB.

As the PCB is mainly composed of wave woven fiber cloth, resin and copper foil and other raw materials, the material itself has a certain thickness, the higher the number of layers of PCB multilayer board, the more layers of these raw materials stacked up, so to a certain extent, PCB multilayer board and single-double-layer boards compared to a stronger rigidity.

Due to the different technical capabilities of each PCB factory, the total number of components that can be reasonably accommodated in each layer varies. Theoretically speaking, within a reasonable range, in a layer of PCB mounted 100 components and will be dispersed to two layers of PCB mounted on the performance of the two are not different.

Just due to the current demand for smaller and smaller electronic products, which requires the same performance, the design space becomes smaller and smaller PCB volume.

Therefore, to summarize, PCB multilayer board layer higher does not mean that the performance is better, to combine the use of their own needs for design.

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