Quick Huddle! What qualifications are required for a custom immersion gold PCB manufacturer?

Gold immersion pcb processing plant needs to meet the following qualification requirements:

Environmental protection certification: the chemical substances used in the immersion gold process has a certain impact on the environment, so the processing plant needs to obtain the relevant environmental protection certification to ensure that the production process of waste and emissions in line with national environmental standards.

Safety Production License: The gold immersion processing plant needs to manage safety production in accordance with national safety production regulations and obtain the appropriate safety production license to ensure safety in the production process.

Industrial production license: the circuit boards produced by the gold sinking processing plant are a kind of industrial products, which need to obtain the national industrial production license to ensure that the quality of the product meets the relevant national standards.

ISO certification: In order to improve the management level of the enterprise, gold sinking processing plant should obtain ISO certification, including ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

Employee training: Sinking gold processing factories need to provide professional training to their employees to improve their technical level and safety awareness to ensure the safety of the production process and the quality of the products.

In addition to the above qualification requirements, the sinking gold processing plant also needs to establish a sound environmental protection management system and production safety responsibility system, develop an emergency plan in line with national standards, and strictly control production costs to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.

What kind of circuit board immersion gold processing factory is trustworthy?

When choosing a circuit board gold sinking processing factory, you should carefully consider the following factors to ensure that you are choosing a trustworthy manufacturer:

1. Experienced: When choosing a circuit board immersion gold processing factory, you should prioritize manufacturers with a lot of experience. Manufacturers with many years of experience are usually able to better understand your needs and provide better suggestions and solutions to ensure the production of high-quality products.

2. Advanced equipment and technology: a good circuit board gold sinking processing factory should have advanced equipment and specialized technology. These equipment and skills can ensure the production of high quality and reliable products, and at the same time can improve productivity and reduce errors.

3. Quality Assurance: It is very important to choose a PCB gold plating factory that emphasizes on quality assurance. The factory should have a strict quality management system and standards to ensure that each production process meets the requirements and provide you with quality products.

4. Customer Service: A good PCB gold sinking processing factory should provide excellent customer service. The factory should be able to provide timely technical support and response to answer your questions and ensure that your needs are met.

5. industry certifications: it is important to know if the PCB gold plating factory has industry certifications. Manufacturers with relevant certifications usually have a higher level of credibility and professionalism, providing you with more reliable services.

6. Sustainability: When choosing a PCB gold plating factory, you should also consider the manufacturer’s sustainability practices. These practices ensure that the production process minimizes the environmental impact while ensuring the sustainability of the supply chain.

By carefully considering the above factors, you can choose a trusted circuit board gold sinking processing factory that can provide you with high-quality, reliable products and excellent services.

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